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Is it possible to use mycelium as a bonding agent for old textiles and how can the advantages of this composite material best be used? 

Mushrooms are often associated with a sense of negativity. Mold in houses or on our food. They infest our belongings, rendering them useless. But what if we could also use this process? Because if we bring them together with another material, a self-growing composite material is created. 

MyGrow uses this property to combine discarded old texti- les into a new material. From a mountain of T-shirts, a stable, lightweight and fully compostable building material is created with the help of the oyster mushroom. In this project, the material‘s sound-absorbing and optical properties are used for modular acoustic panels. The wavy surface structure not only serves to disperse sound waves, but also creates a large-scale, aesthetic overall appearance thanks to the combinability of the modules.


Research Topic
Green Design 12.0- Verflechtungen

Project Type
Teaching Course Studio Practice

  • Anna Honegger

Supervision by
  • Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina
  • Prof. Barbara Schmidt
  • Prof. Steffen Schuhmann
  • Dr. Lucy Norris
  • Andreas Kallfelz
  • Mina Mahouti