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How can woven form be generated using only natural materials and their inherent properties?

Emergent explores the potential of textiles’ inherent material qualities and structures to generate three-dimensional woven objects. Inspired by the practice and techniques in traditional basketry, particularly the simultaneous creation of fabric and form, emphasis is put on the transfer and embedding of the materials’ properties into the woven fabric. Using natural and local materials, wool, linen and paper yarn, varying degrees of stiffness are combined and accentuated. In addition, multilayered, interwoven structures interact with the materials’ behaviour and allow for more volume. On the loom the fabric remains flat, but once released, the inherent tension of the threads is activated and expands the weave into the spatial. The emergence of form here is based on an intuitive interplay between maker and material. The weaver gives the material room to move instead of constraining it into shape, and reacts to it and its forces in the process. The resulting object is seen as a co-creation with the material. 


Research Topic
Green Design 12.0- Verflechtungen

Project Type
Teaching Course Studio Practice

  • Sara Hassoune

Supervision by
  • Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina
  • Prof. Barbara Schmidt
  • Prof. Steffen Schuhmann
  • Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris
  • Andreas Kallfelz
  • Mina Mahouti