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craft IY

How can we en-able as many peo-ple as possible to learn and use craft techniques with natural ma-terials from the region of berlin-brande-burg?

Crafts bring people together. In an increasingly technological world, the pleasure of creating things oneself has not yet been lost. Moreover, sharing a hobby has always been a good source for community building. CraftIY links the general act of tinkering with natural materials of the region of Berlin-Brandenburg and helps people to connect with their own territory. It is an open source, community based online platform that as a starting point focuses on two particular craft techniques: Weaving tree bark and Knotting wooden sticks together. The platform offers a community forum and information on the sur-rounding nature, in addition to tutorials and examples for both tech-niques and the combination of the two. Eventually, using them to create frames and surfaces will enable people to build objects for everyday uses in a sustainable way.!It requires a very little budget since the main materials are collected in the woods and no expensive tools are needed. Therefore it represents in some cases a solid, more sustainable alterna-tive to traditional shopping. 


Research Topic
Green Design 12.0- Verflechtungen

Project Type
Teaching Course Studio Practice


Supervision by
  • Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina
  • Prof. Barbara Schmidt
  • Prof. Steffen Schuhmann
  • Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris
  • Andreas Kallfelz
  • Mina Mahouti