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how to reinterpret the relationship between glass and basketry?

In cooperation with Baruther Glashütte and glassmaker Torsten Rötzsch, I have realized a series of cylindrical glass vases on whose surface imprints of woven patterns are visible. The glass was blown into an elaborate basket weaving, which burned shortly after coming into contact with the hot glass. However, its image remains permanently preserved, serving as a reminder of the long tradition of basketry as a protective covering for glass containers. 

In the vase, two interconnected craft traditions are combined, implicitly representing two different materials as well. With reference to the traditional everyday objects that it thematizes, the vase can be understood as a timeless artifact in itself. Simultaneously, through the relationship of the materials incorporated within the object, it exemplifies the connection between permanence and transience.


Research Topic
Green Design 12.0- Verflechtungen

Project Type
Teaching Course Studio Practice

  • Victoria Fechtner

Supervision by
  • Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina
  • Prof. Barbara Schmidt
  • Prof. Steffen Schuhmann
  • Prof. Dr. Lucy Norris
  • Andreas Kallfelz
  • Mina Mahouti

in Collaboration with
  • Baruther Glashütte
  • Glassmaker Torsten Rötzsch
  • Workshop Ella Einhell
  • Glassmaker Mariko Seki
  • Glassmaker Olaf Gonzalez-Valero